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Born to a lobster fishing family on the beaches of the Northumberland Strait, Karol Brown provides a melodic, lyric-driven, dive into her mind when she performs her original songs. 


Channeling inspiration from artists like Joni Mitchell, Billy Joel, and Taylor Swift. Karol music fills the room like the smell of a warm casserole, with the sounds of her lived experiences creating a crusty topping (everyones favourite part).


Karol has been writing songs since the age of 9. Growing up in a big family, music has always been a part of how the Brown's celebrate life and love. 

As most east-coasters know, there's nothing quite like a kitchen party to set the scene for a good night. 

Karol released her debut album in 2018 titled Made My Own. The album consist of 12 original compositions and was released exclusively for physical sales.


The title references Karol's early years of songwriting. She would create made up names for chord signatures before she knew their technical terms.

Her notebook's would be full of insightful lyrics accompanied by letters and numbers confusing to anyone but her. These 'made up' chords would trigger her muscle memory allowing her to hold onto her melodies. 


Made My Own was released exclusively on CD for physical sales. The album was recorded at Shoebox Studios in Little Harbour N.S. and mixed by Ian Kamp. 

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